Leverage MyCeo Business Rewards Programs & Earn Free Travel, Hotel Perks & More for You & Your Employees

Leverage MyCeo Business Rewards Programs & Earn Free Travel, Hotel Perks & More for You & Your Employees

September 28, 2019

Once you take a look at the MyCEO platform and experience even just a little of what it has to offer your business, it is easy to see the value of such a robust system. With the ability to pretty much run your ENTIRE business from any mobile device, MyCEO’s main package of business services is certainly more than worth the price of admission. But, when you realize the benefits afforded you and your employees via the rewards program, then the idea of membership to MyCeo.com becomes a quintessential “no-brainer.”


MyCEO Nation is the name of the VIP rewards program, and anyone who is a member of MyCEO is automatically eligible to take advantage of everything this incredible program offers. MyCEO Nation goes above and beyond any program of its kind and offers members real concierge services and affords access to services, discounts, events and more.


Here is just a taste of what is waiting for you inside the MyCeo Nation Rewards program:


·         Members-only events, celebrity fundraisers & business conferences-These features allow you to network with other MyCeo members and even celebrities as you attend exclusive events hosted by MyCeo and their partners. This affords members huge opportunities to do business with high profile individuals and take their businesses to the next level.

·         Access to over 1000 private airport lounges- When traveling, this benefit can be a life saver. Stop in any of over 1000 airport lounges you will have access to, fire up your laptop, recharge your phone, and relax before the next leg of your flight.

·         Discounted pricing for private jet rentals and exclusive island vacations- Those who are looking to really experience luxury travel will have access to discounts for private jet rentals and private island vacations. Talk about incredible perks you can share with your clients and employees!

·         Airline miles rewards & discounts on luxury hotels & rental cars- The benefits continue as MyCeo nation allows you to earn points towards airline miles & discounts for luxury hotel stays and car rental services.

·         Gift cards- Finally, your points can be used towards a huge array of gift cards as well, which make great giveaways to show your clients and employees how much you think of them.

Membership to MyCeo Nation is AUTOMATIC for anyone who is a member of the MyCEO business platform. Again, many of these rewards can be transferred to or utilized by your employees so even if you never utilized one of them yourself, these rewards can still represent a tremendous value if only offered to your employees. MyCEO Nation, just one more reason as to why MyCEO is THE #1 online cloud-based COMPLETE business solution in existence.