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Stay Focused on Your Business and Let a Concierge Handle the Mundane

Tags: Concierge, September 28, 2019

Running a business can sometimes feel like you are running IN PLACE! You have 500 tasks you know you need to accomplish and only time on hand to finish about 10 of them. It’s at these times when you wish you had another 6 hands so you could multi-task and knock out everything on your list. It’s times like this when you wish you had an executive concierge service who could help leverage your time and work to knock out some of those to-do list items for you. knows how that feels, and they want to be that concierge solution for you…


Introducing MyCEO Concierge! Available to all members of MyCEO, this executive concierge service is in place to help leverage your time and help you accomplish all those items which we often neglect but are absolutely vital to our business. MyCEO Concierge has partnered with a vast array of companies that provide services that range from business attorneys to certified public accounts, travel agents, and even financial advisors. With this service, your business is no longer a solo act, and now you have your own professional team of consultants and advisors standing by ready to help you no matter the need. And this is more than just a directory list of contacts, and these are real professionals who are waiting to meet directly with you and/or your team members.


That’s right, and the MyCEO Concierge will connect you to professionals in a variety of fields LIVE right through the MyCEO portal. 

·        Have a tax question? MyCEO Concierge will connect you with a qualified CPA asap to answer it.

Need to book an executive travel excursion but have no idea where to start? My CEO Concierge will connect you with a live travel agent ready to handle your travel details for you.

These are just a few of the valuable benefits this service offers, and it is available right now to anyone who is a member of Rest easy knowing that your own personal concierge service is just a few keystrokes away. to the rescue…again!

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