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Gain a Competitive Edge Over the Competition with a Business Management Platform

Tags: Management, September 28, 2019

A successful business is an incredible achievement. After all, the majority of businesses started never even make it to year 5. Even more exciting and worthy of achievement is a successful business that is ORGANIZED…


Considering the staggering amount of technology that exists today, it can be mind-boggling to know what software to use and when, and then to figure out whether that software is even helping your business or not. Luckily, the folks at help take away that stress and worry and put everything into ONE platform, that also tells you exactly what each component is doing for your business. includes more than 20 individual applications that can help you manage every aspect of your business. From creating proposals to selling products to communicating with your clients AND your team, everything is included in one platform and is available anywhere you go…as long as you have a smartphone (or tablet, laptop, smart TV and a wi-fi connection) you are connected. No more logging into multiple applications, or needing to contact different support numbers or emails if you have a question, MyCEO puts everything you need to run your business in one place, and it also contains valuable data to help you and your team understand exactly how well (or not) your business is doing with these various applications.

Analytics. That’s what the data that measures your activity, progress success (or failure) is called and paying attention to them can be the most valuable thing you ever do for your business. makes this a much easier endeavor by including backend analytics as part of each of its individual applications. For instance, you can see how many communications were sent by you and your team last week and how many emails were opened. You can also easily see how many proposals were sent in a given time frame and how many sales were made as well. This is just a quick snapshot of the many types of analytics included within the MyCEO platform that will help you and your team keep your business organized, on track, and ahead of your competition. Organization and analytics are vital…you know you need them…MyCEO just helps make the task much, much easier.

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