Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

Category: Career Development

Experiencing diversity is a part of living within a civilized society. It is our diversity and variety that help organizations to be successful and achieve their goals. Understanding the various forms of diversity makes for a better company and world in general. With our Diversity and Inclusion course your participants will recognize how to better manage diversity, and recognize its benefits. Your participants will learn how to implement and develop a policy that does not allow for discrimination. It is vital that every employer and employee has an understanding of the concepts of diversity.


Curriculum for Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • This chapter has no lectures!
Chapter 2: Understanding Diversity
  • Module 2
Chapter 3: Racial Diversity
  • Module 3
Chapter 4: Employees with Disabilities
  • Module 4
Chapter 5: Pregnant Employees
  • Module 5
Chapter 6: Lactating Mothers
  • Module 6
Chapter 7: Sexsual Harrassment
  • Module 7
Chapter 8: Eight: Employees Over Age 40
  • Module 8
Chapter 9: LGBTQ
  • Module 9
Chapter 10: Sensitivity Training
  • Module 10
Chapter 11: Handling Diversity Complaints
  • Module 11