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Personal Finance Advisor - MyCEO®
Personal Finance Advisor

Personal Finance Advisor

Category: Career Development

For many people, finances are an unsolvable Rubik's cube filled with anxiety. We don’t teach children when they are young the value of a good credit score. Many people have a hard time formatting and sticking to a budget. You can easily solve the finance puzzle with a little hard work, self-control, and the right tools. Today is a new day; you are taking the first steps to reclaiming your financial freedom. Most people know that a map can tell them how to get from point A to point B. A well developed budget is just like a map as it helps you reach your financial goals. You start at point A, and the budget helps you go the distance get to point B. And with our Managing Personal Finances workshop your participants will learn how to budget, and create a plan for their future.


Curriculum for Personal Finance Advisor

Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Module 1
  • Project Management
Chapter 2: The Benefits of Budgeting
  • Module 2
Chapter 3: What to Consider Before Creating a Budget
  • Module 3

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