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Cloud Services - MyCEO®


Fully managed, strong hybrid cloud infrastructure.

MyCEO is a cloud managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud that offers managed cloud security and solutions.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Deploy secure cloud services and apps with confidence. Protect on-premises business systems & data in a cloud built for total business continuity

“Why are you moving to the public cloud?

MyCEO's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, AWS and Google Clouds will help you to understand how the cloud can help advance your business strategy. Evaluate cloud-based solutions before considering other alternatives.

Xero Trust


Securely manage the day-to-day monitoring, maintenance, integration, backup and security of your IT infrastructure.

Cloud security

Protect and Secure Internet Apps Against Attacks and Data Breaches.

Cloud migration

Back Up Data for Redundancy & Recovery. Forecast Expected Performance & Costs.

Scale Ondemand

Production-grade virtual machines designed for scalable infrastructure.

Mobile workforce

Working Remotely is easier than ever. MyCEO offers a real-time, end-to-end solution enabling businesses to achieve maximum visibility, and control.

Disaster recovery

Secure easy to use automated solutions for Automated Data Backup and Recovery.

Virtual desktops

Enhance Virtual Desktop capabilities with a simple Dynamic Storage Service.