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Legal Services - MyCEO®

Legal Services


Access the most comprehensive legal service available for your small bussiness

We offer CEO's and their employees free and discounted legal solutions as well as a free initial consultation on each new legal matter.

Free & Discounted Legal Care

Legal services are either free for small businesses and their employees, discounted, or provided at the reduced hourly fee.

Free Tax Preparation & Advice Included

Access our member portal with tax tips, tax law changes, tax organization area, IRS audit area, IRS notification area and more!



MyCEO's network of Legal experts are available to help you understand your legal situation. Talk live or meet in person with a local attorney.

Identity Theft

Safegaurd your identity with the best Identity Theft Protection available.

Tax Preparation

Save between $250 and $300 per year with FREE Federal tax return preparation*. IRS audit assistance and Unlimited tax advice.

Will Preparation

Our experts will help you Protect Your Family and Start Estate Planning.

Legal Consultation

Receive a free initial consultation on all new legal matters by an Experienced Lawyer.

Document Review

Free document review, document preparation, expert advice and office consultation.

Peace of Mind

$1,000,000 of Identity Theft Insurance* available with a zero deductible in all 50 states